Programa da Conferência BIS 2010 – Berlin

Conference programme (destaca-se em negrito as apresentações do i3G)

Conference programme will be also available in PDF format.

Monday, 3 May
09:00 Registration & coffe (foyer)

09:30 Inauguration & Keynote plenary session
Robert Tolksdorf: Welcome@BIS2010
Felix Sasaki: How to make business worldwide with the multilingual web
11:00 coffe break (foyer)
Ahmed Awad, Matthias Weidlich, Mathias Weske: Consistency Checking of Compliance Rules
José L. Martínez-Fernández, José C. González-Cristóbal, Paloma Martínez: Using Surveys to Evaluate a Business Rules based Development Framework
Thomas Motal, Rainer Schuster, Hannes Werthner: Economic Requirements for B2B Process Models: a Mapping from REA to UMM
LIT Workshop
Tom Gordon: (keynote speech)
Alexander Boer, Tom van Engers, Radboud Winkels: Traceability of the Implementation of Legal Rules in Public Administration
Przemyslaw Kubiak, Miroslaw Kutylowski, Anna Lauks-Dutka, Michal Tabor: Mediated Signatures – Towards Undeniability of Digital Data in Technical and Legal Framework

12:45 Lunch
Dennis Wegener, Stefan Rueping: On Integrating Data Mining into Business Processes
Carsten Felden, Peter Chamoni, Markus Linden: From Process Execution towards a Business Process Intelligence
Claus Wonnemann, Rafael Accorsi: Auditing Workflow Executions for Dataflow Policies
Nikola Trcka: Workflow Data Footprints
LIT Workshop
Ginevra Peruginelli, Enrico Francesconi: Semantic Interoperability among Thesauri: a Challenge in the Multicultural Legal Domain
Vi-sit Boonchom, Nuanwan Soonthornphisaj: Legal Ontology Construction Using ATOB Algorithm
Tania C. D. Bueno, Hugo C. Hoeschl, César R. K. Stradiotto: Ontojuris Project: A Multilingual Legal Document Search System based on a graphical ontology editor
Florian Kuhn: A Framework for Graph-based Parsing of German Private Law Decisions

16:15 coffe break (foyer)
Kathrin Figl, Jan Mendling, Mark Strembeck, Jan Recker: On the Cognitive Effectiveness of Routing Symbols in Process Modeling Languages
Christopher Klinkmüller, Andre Ludwig, Bogdan Franczyk: Visualising Business Capabilities in the Context of Business Analysis
Imen Ben Said, Mohamed Amine Chaabane, Eric Andonoff: A Model Driven Engineering Approach for Modelling Versions of Business Processes using BPMN
LIT Workshop
Emilia Bellucci, Deborah Macfarlane, John Zeleznikow: How Information Technology can support Family Law and Mediation
Elisabeth Wilson-Evered, Deborah Macfarlane, John Zeleznikow, Mark Thomson: Towards an Online Family Dispute Resolution Service in Australia (presentation only)

18:30 Welcome reception (foyer)
Tuesday, 4 May
09:15 coffe (foyer)

09:30 Keynote plenary session
Steffen Staab: Web Science: Your Business, too!
10:45 coffee break (foyer)
Ashwin Ittoo, Laura Maruster, Hans Wortmann: Textractor: A Framework for Extracting Relevant Domain Concepts from Irregular Corporate Textual Datasets
Robert Andrei Buchmann, Radu Meza: Capturing Eye Tracking Data for Customer Profiling
Jeremy Besson, Ieva Mitasiunaite, Audrone Lupeikiene, Jean-Francois Boulicaut: Comparing intended and real usage in web portal: Temporal Logic and Data Mining
AKTB Workshop
Konradin Maier, Volker Stix, Edward Bernroider: Incomplete Information within Relative Pairwise Comparisons as Utilized by the AHP
Saulius Masteika: Short term trading strategy based on chart pattern recognition and trend trading in Nasdaq Biotechnology stock market
Marius Dubnikovas, Stasys Girdzijauskas: Logistic Analysis of Price Bubble and Current Situation in USA Real Estate
ILOG Workshop
Oliver Koch, Elisei Rotaru: Using Context to Improve Information Supply in the Medical Sector
Alexander Smirnov, Tatiana Levashova, Nikolay Shilov: Context-Based Information & Knowledge Logistics for Self-Organisation of Web-Services in Smart Environments
Adam Pawlak et al: MAPPER Collaboration Platform for Knowledge-intensive Engineering Processes
12:30 Lunch
Rasmus Hahn, Christian Herta, Chris Bizer: Faceted Wikipedia Search
Konstantinos Christidis, Gregoris Mentzas: Using Probabilistic Topic Models in Enterprise Social Software
AKTB Workshop
Dalia Kriksciuniene, Virgilijus Sakalauskas: Structure and levers for computational evaluation of customer capital
Vilde Godoe, Darijus Strasunskas, Asgeir Tomasgard: On Valuing Advanced Technologies Applied in Greenfield Project
Mturi Elias, Khurram Shahzad: Using Multi-Criteria Decision Making to choose Process Representation Format for a Process Repository
Sandra Strigūnaitė, Dalia Krikščiūnienė: Self-adapting intelligent business processes execution analysis
ILOG Workshop
Karl Hammar, Feiyu Lin, Vladimir Tarasov: Information Reuse and Interoperability with Ontology Patterns and Linked Data – First Experiences from the ExpertFinder Project
Daniel Stock, Felix Wortmann, Jörg H. Mayer: Use Cases for Business Metadata – A Viewpoint-Based Approach to Structuring and Prioritizing Business Needs
Martin Böhringer, Martin Gaedke: Ubiquitous Microblogging: A Flow-based Front-end for Information Logistics
15:30 coffee break (foyer)
Naiem Khodabandehloo Yeganeh, Shazia Sadiq: Avoiding Inconsistency in User Preferences for Data Quality Aware Queries
Christian Fuerber, Martin Hepp: Using SPARQL and SPIN for Data Quality Management on the Semantic Web
Thomas Mandl: Quality in Blogs: How to find the best User Generated Content
AKTB Workshop
Vytautas Rudžionis, Rytis Maskeliunas, Ramunas Šablinskas, Algimantas Rudzionis: Applications of voice based informative public services: Lithuanian case
Justyna Patalas-Maliszewska, Irene Krebs: Model of employee selection for SME based on innovation transfer
Paulius Danenas, Gintautas Garsva: Credit risk evaluation using SVM-based classifier
ILOG Workshop
Kurt Sandkuhl: Validation and Use of Information Demand Patterns in Higher Education
Darek Haftor, Miranda Kajtazi, Anita Mirijamdotter: A Review of Information Logistics Research Publications
Working Session: Towards an Information Logistics Research Agenda
17:15 coffee break (foyer)
AKTB Workshop
Razvan Petrusel, Daniel Mican: Mining Decision Activity Logs
Aukse Stravinskiene, Saulius Gudas: Data Mining for Small Organization
Tânia Bueno, César Stradiotto, Sonali Bedin, Vinícius Mirapalheta, Hugo Hoeschl, Pedro Júnior: Case-based System for Innovation Management in Electric Power Enterprises
Audrius Lopata, Martas Ambraziunas: MDA Compatible Knowledge Based IS Development Process
ILOG Workshop
Continuation of the working session: Towards an Information Logistics Research Agenda
20:00 Banquet in HomeBase
Wednesday, 5 May
09:15 coffe (foyer)
Khurram Shahzad, Mturi Elias, Paul Johannesson: Requirements for a Business Process Model Repository: A Stakeholders’ Perspective
Oliver Daute, Stefan Conrad: Supporting Complex Business Information Systems by Use of RT-BCDB and PAC
Artur Caetano, António Rito Silva, José Tribolet: Identification of Services through Functional Decomposition of Business Processes
BITA Workshop
Jörg H. Mayer, Bernhard Kroenke: Business/IT alignment: the executive perspective – Next-generation EIS design as a case example
Mats-Åke Hugoson, Ulf Larsson, Vladimir Tarasov: Interaction between Heterogeneous Autonomous Systems. Principles and Practice

10:45 coffe break (foyer)
Salvatore Cannella, Elena Ciancimino, José David Canca Ortiz: Production Inventory and Enterprise System Implementation: an ex-ante no-cost based evaluation
Gustaf Juell-Skielse, Hakan Enquist: Value Propositions in Service Oriented Business Models for ERP: Case Studies
Markus Linden, Sebastian Neuhaus, Daniel Kilimann, Tanja Bley, Peter Chamoni: Event-driven IT-Architecture for Real-Time Process Execution in Supply Chains
BITA Workshop
Mats-Åke Hugoson, Thanos Magoulas, Kalevi Pessi: Enterprise Architecture Design Principles and Business-driven IT Management
Dimitris Bibikas, Eleni Kargioti: Design Thinking: Towards a Unified View of Organizational and Technological Realms

12:30 Closing ceremony

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